Ella Baby Mains Cables

"WATTGATE" Style IEC plug
The Ella baby Power Cord is electrically connected to the ground/shield wire and equipped with a heavy 4-layer-fabric tinned copper shield. This heavy gauge handcrafted power cord is designed to reject EMI & RFI away from the power lines or other digital components.
- 2 x 11AWG Power wire-11 AWG Ground
- Pure copper-plated heavy IEC plug- Heavy tinned copper shield (4 layers)
The inner layer is made of aluminum foil and then 75% tinned copper shield, while the 93% tinned copper shield is located outside.featuring 2 layers of tinned copper shield, and PVC insulation. "WATTGATE" Style IEC plug

PW2 [4way] PW3 [6way] mains distribution blocks

Audio Grade Mains Filter, 4 way AudioGrade Hi-Fi mains filter is a Line Conditioner and Line Protector in a single very high quality made unit. This is a true feed-through design providing clean RFI filtered mains at the output sockets with mains spike protection. The unit is beautifully made with an all metal construction on a very solid chassis . The silver end panels are made from thick aluminium and the case itself is black brushed aluminium. Everything is screened from the outside world since it is housed in a fully enclosed metal case rather than a cheap plastic box. This prevents RFI noise radiating from the filter itself to nearby equipment. universal sockets (white) which take any mains plug (UK/Euro/Australian/USA) giving great flexibilty and are a very tight fit. This is a much better made filter than other filters for example which are made using thin metal plate. A well built and designed mains filter can really improve your system sound and protect your expensive audio and home cinema setup.
The PW3 is a different design, not containing any filtering, but does offer a high degree of shielding and can offer a significant upgrade to audio and TV/SAT sources, highly recommended!!

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