Consonance Cyber Signature integrated amplifiers.

CS10 Signature 10 "Anniversary" version
2A3 P/P version 11wpc
As known single ended triode (SET) based amplifiers have a unique sound and so do push pull directly heated triode (DHT) amplifiers like the Cyber-10 signature. In some applications 8 watts of DHT will sound more powerful and controlled than 8 watts of SET. The heaters use AC throughout the design due to the sonic advantages over DC and at 2.5V on the power tubes hum is not a problem. The unit is build with point-to-point wiring, featuring a ready made thick-trace PCB for the choke filtered power supply. This configuration allows Cyber-10 signature sounding more close with well designed SET amps and with much dynamic bass performance as well.
As a push-pull 2A3 valve integrated, Cyber-10 Signature can't deliver a lot of raw power but it makes up for this in myriad ways. With suitable speakers, the Cyber-10 Signature is a gutsy integrated amplifier with huge dynamics. It sounds muscular, detailed, and smooth. The Cyber-10 Signature handled vocals with noteworthy clarity and intelligibility. If you need even more power, Opera Audio offers the Cyber-100S Signature integrated amp, which uses 300B triodes to produce 22Wpc.
Cyber Signature 100 15th Anniversary version "BLACK"
Shown with optional "Treasure Series" KT88
Standard version shown with EH KT88
Reviewed in HIFI + issue 114 August 2014
In 2009, Opera-Consonace celebrated their 15th year by introducing two new products, dubbed the 15th Anniversary models, based on the Cyber Signature 100 and Cyber Signature 10, utilising hand wound transformers,superior quality parts,redesigned circuitry and twin valve rectification, improving further on the already superb sonics and taking these 2 amplifiers to the top of the tree of integrated valve amplifiers, upgraded valves are also available for these on request.

Cyber signature 100 Cyber signature 100S

KT88 P/P version 40wpc
300B P/P version 22wpc
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The M10S is a single ended Class A tube integrated amplifier, utilising a choice of EL34/KT77/KT88/6550 by manually re-biasing .
As a mini size integrated tube amplifier,The M10S has a single bias adjustment mechanism for each output tube situated inside the chassis, a trim pot for adjustment to obtain 0.4mA bias current.
The bias adjustment can be measured by a voltmeter (not supplied).
Operates in Ultra linear mode [12WPC], switchable to triode mode [8WPC] from the chassis top.
Also usable as a tube headphone amplifier with impedance range from 10 to 600 ohm.
One iPOD 3.5mm jack and 3 RCA inputs.
Input Select and volume control from the supplied remote control.
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